Website Samples

Our clients are artists, sole proprietors, and small businesses who need online visibility in a way that will allow them to get set up without hassle, easily maintain their content as needed, and not break the bank.

Here are a few websites that we’ve created and installed for clients:

Ivy’s Hair Salon

Ivy wanted a clean, modern-looking website to show her hair salon products and services, but mostly to let locals know that Ivy’s Hair Salon exists in the neighborhood. We set up with mapping, search, and review facilities so the site would appear easily in local searches.

The site displays a slideshow of professional photos of the salon on the Home Page, and uses gorgeous stock photos for the remaining shots of people in her salon. Clients can print discount coupons for various products and services. And Ivy can edit services and prices at her convenience.

Pink Peony Jewelry

Nancy wanted to be an online shopping site where she could sell her one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry on a limited basis. She wanted a simple site to look at, and an easy, inexpensive way to maintain it.

We set up the site, including a slide show on the Home Page and a shopping cart. We also gave her buyers lots of ways to find items for sale, as well as to see items they missed. Nancy can modify and add products herself at any time.

Snow Tree Jewelry

Sal wanted to showcase her handmade jewelry and let her customers know about local shopping events.

She does a great in-person business and is considering an ecommerce store for the future.

Blue Lagoon Websites

The requirement for was to make the website design be visually related to its associated business websites – the same but different.

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