About Us

Blue Lagoon Websites is a service of Reduce Your Hassle Factor.

We’re here to help small business owners and artists get a website up and running without all the technical hassle. That way, they can spend their time doing what they do best:

creating and selling their products and services.


Our Director’s computer technology base is a BS math degree, 20 years as a programmer on several mainframes and mini-computer systems, and almost 20 years maintaining websites.

Since 1996, she’s used those computing skills  to create and manage several websites for herself and others. Her own websites have received inquiries and clients from across the US and around the world.


The quest began when our Director wanted to update her website using current technology. Aside from the 5-digit estimate for installing the existing content, she found that anytime she needed to add a product or change a price, she would be at the mercy of the website programmer’s schedule. Definitely not a great situation for a small business who depends on the timeliness of displaying products.

She needed quicker turn-around for changes to product data AND a reduced cost.

In 2008, after much research, she turned to WordPress because:

    • It gives you access to the content of your website.
    • It’s a lot easier to learn than the very similar and detailed syntax of several different scripting languages.
    • It has a community of active and helpful users.
    • It provides portability (a bonus!): easily moving all content to another server or host.
    • It’s open source (translation: free). [NOTE: That’s free of currency cost, but still requires time and effort.]

Even using WordPress’s open source tools, it seemed that every little function she wanted to add required a payment to that active community…which conflicted with the idea of open source.


So she went on a mission to discover what she could get for free, and whether it would do what she needed it to do. These are the answers she found:

    • There’s a lot out there for free that works very well.
    • There are a couple items that you MUST pay for (domain, hosting, online backup space).
    • You do need to put in some time and effort to make it all work.
    • You may have to give up a little functionality or slightly modify your methods.
    • It helps if you know a little about:
        • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and SQL.
        • Computer, server, and internet architecture protocols.
        • Real world software, testing, production, and user interactions.
    • You can have a low-cost website, but not a no-cost website.

She built her own websites using the open source tools she found. To test the concept, she helped her friends set up websites for their small garage businesses. The friends didn’t have programming backgrounds so they didn’t know where to start, didn’t understand the buzz words, and didn’t have money to throw at the problem.

Together, they built some pretty successful websites with minimal monetary outlays that weren’t half bad.


“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”
~Old Proverb

The websites built this way proved the concept that you can have control of a low-cost website that meets your needs.

Our Director decided to help other small business owners and artists do what her friends needed to do: get a website up and running to sell products and services. And then let them spend their time creating and selling those products and services. And all without the hassles of dealing with that techie stuff.

“I get to use my skills and experience for something worthwhile.
People’s lives are improved.
There’s less stress in the world.
Now that’s a win-win-win!”

~Mary Stursa, Director at Blue Lagoon Websites

So the whole purpose of Blue Lagoon Websites is to help you set up your website and then get out of your way so you can get back to the business of creating and selling. Or going on vacation. Or taking a nap.

If you’ve got funds available and want a fantastically artful website; or a large, complicated website; or a website with sound and movement, we’ve got several great associates to refer you to.

If you just want someone to set up the website so that you can edit your products and services, add articles, and then refer your customers to your online business….then she and her team are here for you.

We can even handle the behind-the-scenes website system manager stuff, all within a reasonable budget.

Give us a call and let’s set up your website!

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