Manage Your Own Website

You can be your own website system manager. You can take care of all those pesky website system administrative tasks yourself.


If you choose to handle system maintenance for your website, you will need to do all the things we do:

    • Register, pay for, and set up Internet services:

>>Domain registration
>>Website hosting
>>Backup space

    • Familiarize yourself with:

>>WordPress, themes, and plugins
>>Hosting, backup, servers, and ISPs
>>The various browsers
>>Website security, spam, hacker, and virus issues
>>HTML, CSS, and PHP programming languages
>>File Transfer Protocol
>>Backups and restores

    • Keep your website up and running:

>>Monitor links for disconnects
>>Monitor website for downtime
>>Monitor security
>>Keep WordPress, theme, and plugins up-to-date
>>Address WordPress, theme, plugin, hosting, backup, server, ISP, and browser conflicts
>>Address spam, hacker, and virus issues
>>Address unplanned events related to your specific website and its functions
>>Have access to File Transfer Protocol
>>Perform & store regular backups, and restore as needed


To ensure that all your services continue without interruption, you’ll need to decide about a month before your services expire. That will enable us to reregister (or you to register and move) your website services.

If you decide to handle system maintenance for your website, we’ll do the following after your domain and hosting is set up:

    • Transfer the domain registration to you through any registrar you choose.
    • Provide the latest backup to you for installation on your new host.
    • Redirect the system warning and error messages to you.
    • Provide all logins and passwords for the website and associated services.


If that’s more than you want to deal with, just contact us and we’ll manage all the techie stuff involved in your website’s system activities for you.

In the event that you need help with any system issues, please call us. The fee for Service Calls is listed on our website’s Pricing page.

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