Website Techie Stuff

We'll handle your admin tasks

We’ll handle all that website techie stuff. All those pesky behind-the-scenes administrative tasks are on-going system maintenance that is needed to keep your website running smoothly. Website system administrative tasks occur regularly and include:

    • Monitor broken links and security (daily)
    • Monitor statistics and traffic (weekly)
    • Perform backup and storage (weekly or as needed)
    • Install published WordPress, theme, and plugin updates as needed (~10-50 times/year)

Although you can have access to the administrative area of your website, most of our clients prefer to let us handle these tasks.  They believe their time is better spent on what they do best: creating and selling their products and services.  And they let us take care of what we do best: manage websites.

If you wish to manage your website yourself, read Manage Your Own Website.

Contact us for more information on the techie stuff involved in your website’s behind-the-scenes system activities.

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